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Sleep Aid Affiliate Program

Date posted: May 5, 2008

We updated the Melatrol site and added a free trial with a $20 payout on this offer. If you have a branded store, please download the latest version.

Free Trial Offers

Date posted: May 1, 2008

Market Health added a new category in the offer section today for Free Trials. There is a $20 Payout on all house free trials. Incentivized traffic is not allowed.

60ct Alli Starter Package

Date posted: April 28, 2008

We added the cheaper 60ct Alli Starter Package to the offer and conversions have almost doubled. Alli is the only FDA Approved OTC Weight Loss Pill

Hydroxycut Weight Loss Pill

Date posted: April 21, 2008

Market Americas #1 selling weight loss pill. For years, people all over America have chosen Hydroxycut for results and now it's time for you to cash in on this product. Network offer pays 30% per sale.

Provillus Hair Loss

Date posted: April 11, 2008

We are back in stock with Minoxidil and now Provillus contains the only FDA Approved Hair Regrowth Treatment. The prices have been restored and your payouts will be higher. Sorry for the delay everyone! It was out of our hands.

Alli Weight Loss Program

Date posted: April 9, 2008

Market alli, the only FDA approved over-the-counter weight loss product on the market today. If you are looking to cash in on this amazing product, now is the time. This is a network offer that pays $10 per sale.

HGH Energizer Relaunch

Date posted: April 3, 2008

The HGH Energizer site has been redesiged and we are relaunching it in the program. The HGH Product has always been a great sports supplement offer and pays up to $60 per sale.

Cosmetique Cosmetics

Date posted: April 2, 2008

Cosmetique Credit Card Campaign. 7 Piece Sara St. James Collection valued at $106. This is a free offer that requires a credit card for shipping and handling. Pays $9 per lead.

Preview Offer Link Updates

Date posted: March 24, 2008

We have recently added a number of new marketing tools to the Herbalbiz Site. Recession or not...if you are not marketing the Herbalbiz site, it's time to start. People are looking for a good and honest program that makes money. You make up to $25 per sign up plus 5% of the downline sales.

Flotrol Bladder Control

Date posted: February 22, 2008

Flotrol has been clinically tested and promotes health and control for the overactive bladder. The Flotrol Bladder Control Formula can help strengthen Bladder muscles while also having a unique calming effect on the bladder. Make up to $80 Per Sale.

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