Teeth Whitening Affiliate Programs

Want to market the world's leading Teeth Whitening Affiliate Programs on the net? Market Health offers the highest payout, an incredible 50% on revenue, an additional 5% for any Webmaster you refer to us, plus an unheard of 50% on all reorders; when a sale comes in with your affiliate code the customer now belongs to you in our database.

MarketHealth.com will allow you to market and promote the world's leading Teeth Whitening products with your very own website. Skyrocket your earnings to the stars by joining the highest paying affiliate program with the best tracking software available anywhere!

Please find the following Teeth Whitening offers that Market Health  has to offer:

Teeth Whiten Tips Affiliate Program
Tired of dealing with costly dental visits, tooth trays that don't fit, or messy strips that take forever? With Teeth Whiten Tips you will have a Brighter, Whiter smile without the hassle. The is a market health house offer and pays 50% per sale

IvoryWhite Teeth Whitening Affiliate Program
Earn top commissions with IvoryWhite - the premiere in-home teeth whitening system. Earn $20 for every customer who signs up for a trial with the network offer.

We have created the leading, hottest selling oral care products, offered at multiple price points and tested for proven success. Numerous design templates for each site guarantees that the best selling products are matched with the highest converting sites.

What makes us the best Teeth Whitening Affiliate Program? We offer the highest payout, a whopping 50% revenue share, 5% on all Webmasters you refer to us and an incredible 50% on all reorders. Plus you never have to hassle about your commission checks, they're sent out automatically on the 1st and 16th every month, with no minimums. You'll also never need to worry if you are being credited for all your phone and mail orders; we track these commissions closely and never take anything from your commission for product returns, NEVER, for any reason!

We realize that advertising space on your website is your most important asset. For this reason we have developed the highest converting sites and state of the art marketing material to maximize your traffic revenue from your website plus real time statistics and post back reporting. With our Teeth Whitening affiliate program you can choose to customize your own store on your own domain to advertise and promote our products or you can link to our site with customized exits which provide your customers with an easy transition, so you never lose your traffic. For super affiliates who send in 5 or more sales a day, we'll be happy to negotiate exclusive commission and payment requirements. Because our goal is your success, you will be able to fully utilize a Campaign Management System, and of course any time you have a question, our exceptionally responsive Webmaster Support Team will be at your service.

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