Dear Affiliate,
We at MarketHealth appreciate your business and understand that each affiliate has different needs. Therefore we offer a variety of payment methods, so each affiliate can select the payment method that fits your needs best.

For your convenience, the table bellow presents a comparison between the different payment methods.

Payment Method Fees Time of Payment Bank Account World Wide Support Comments
  • Activation fee - $5 for US $10 for non US
  • Monthly fee - $1-$3 based on card activity.
  • $2 Loading fee
  • Immediate to 24 hours, anywhere worldwide.
  • Does not require bank account, or Credit Card.
  • Yes, the card is sent virtually to any county worldwide
  • The card is accepted internationally everywhere MasterCard® is accepted and can be used online, at points-of-sale, or at ATM’s for cash withdrawals in local currency.
  • Provide dedicated customer support
  • High dispute resolution
  • Optional US billing address
  • Allows getting payments from different partners of Payoneer into one card.
  • The card carries a maximum balance of $12,500, even while you may have a higher balance on your account. As the balance on your card diminishes it will be replenished with the balance in your account.
  • More features are added everyday.
  • Free.
  • Local bank commission for deposit may apply.
  • Depends on local mail service can takes several weeks.
  • Clearing time varies between countries and could take up to few months.
  • Requires a bank account.
  • International Payments.
Often requires a minimum deposit amount.
  • Free. Requires $500 minimum payment.
  • Your bank may have an incoming bank wire fee.
Within a 1-2 days.
  • Requires a bank account.
  • International Payments.
  • Requires knowledge in international money transfers (ABA, SWIFT, IBAN, etc).
  • Fees range between 0% to 3% of total processed payments based on the status of the account and location.
  • Other fees may apply. To view all fees related to PayPal services, please refer to
  • Immediate for online use.
  • Requires a bank account or a Credit Card.
  • PayPal is available in limited countries.
  • Cannot be cashed in several countries outside the USA.